How to Register your Car with the DVLA

The Ford Y & C Model Register is accepted by DVLA as an authenticating body. This service is also available to Non-Members..

Question: My car does not have a current V5C (or V5) registration document – can you help?.

Answer: YES ! There are 2 possibilities:

1.To re-register by claiming the ORIGINAL number.(This will be on a non-transferable basis). OR

2.To apply for an AGE-RELATED number.

Questions: What do I need to do ? Does the club make a charge?

Answer:Send to the club for the information sheet. (

Fees payable are minimal to cover basic administration costs. In all instances the vehicle will need to be inspected, usually by an experienced local club officer, at the applicant’s expense.

More details and things to find out and do …………….

1. Claiming the ORIGINAL NUMBER..You must have documentary evidence connecting the registration number to that actual car. (Number plates alone are not enough). The documents must contain the original number and are usually from the following list: The old style logbook RF60 or continuation book An old Tax disc An old MOT Certificate. Insurance document. Others could be : A Bill of Sale. A registration listing from a licensing authority archive ..A recognised historical archive. Question: What do I do now? Send to the club for the information sheet. ( Obtain the necessary form (V765 and V55/5 ) from your Local DVLA Office. Online: V765 can be downloaded. V55/5 can be ordered online from DVLA.

2. Applying for an AGE RELATED NUMBER. In the absence of evidence shown in 1. above it may be possible to apply with evidence of vehicle authenticity from the Ford Y & C Model Register..Question: How can the club help? Answer: Contact the club requesting help in applying for an Age Related number by The car will need to be inspected by a local club officer at the applicant’s expense. Only a whole car will be inspected not a collection of parts. Assuming that all is correct the applicant will then be given written confirmation regarding the authenticity of the car for presentation to DVLA.