Spares service

Our club is able to offer an extensive range of new or remanufactured parts.

This service is available TO MEMBERS ONLY.

Please note that, due to insurance restrictions, we are unable to supply parts to North America. We are however able to put North American Members in touch with independent suppliers who are able to help.

Whether you are looking for mechanical, electrical or body parts and those all important shiny bits – we can help. Below you will see extracts from our current parts list which is too long to show here in full:

Some mechanical parts:

  • Front shackles (pattern part)
  • Rear shackles (pattern part)
  • Shock absorber kits
  • Exchange brake shoes
  • King pin & bush set
  • Gaskets - Head set, 8 hp & 10 hp
  • Water Hoses
  • Split valve guides
  • Fan belts - state 3” or 4” pulley
  • Flywheel ring gear
  • Flexible fuel pipe - pump to feed
  • Fuel pump - exchange
  • Carburettor (8 &10 hp). Exchange
  • Stainless steel exhausts
  • Clutch plate centre – exchange
  • Clutch pressure plate – exchange
  • Front hub bearings
  • Rear sleeved hub bearing kit (axle set)

Some of our rubber parts:

  • Steering joint dust cover
  • Engine mounts – exchange only
  • Gear box mount
  • “A” frame rubber ball
  • Running board pyramid matting
  • Side lights - base mats

Electrical Parts sample:

  • Headlamp lenses late curved diamond (Reproduction)
  • Headlamp lenses early type, used
  • Headlamp Magniflex bars (diamond shape)
  • Headlamp rims
  • Distributor cap
  • Distributor points & Rotor arms
  • HT lead kit; Standard kit, 10 cable ends & braided cable
  • 6 volt coil

Shiny bits too – just a sample:

  • Bumpers, chromed. Front & Rear.
  • Bumper bar bolts
  • Door Handles

If you have a Ford Y or C model, we probably have the parts you need to restore or maintain your car in original condition. Remember this list above is just a small sample of the new parts AVAILABLE TO MEMBERS ONLY. We also have other used parts too – download (PDF) the latest list from the link below.

225 Parts For Sale List

Join now to gain access to this stock - see our "Join Us" page. If you are already a member, see your copy of the TT magazine for a copy of the order form or download (PDF) from the link below.

225 Parts Order Form

If this is your first time ordering, please download (PDF) and follow the ordering guidelines to avoid any delay in processing your order

Parts Ordering Guidelines