(All reprinted as original)

Model Y
Instruction Book: Model "Y"                (Covers "shortrad" models 1932-late1933.)
Instruction Book: The "Popular".          (Covers "longrad" models late 1933-1937).
Illustrated Parts Catalogue  (Covers all "Y" models).

Model C & CX.
Instruction Book: The "De Luxe" 10hp  (1935 edition).

Each of the above available at £11.90 each (UK), £13.50 (Europe), £17.60 (Rest of World) - price includes postage.



The nearest we have to workshop manuals.
Reprints of  Technical & Service manuals distrubuted to Ford agents in the 1930’s.

Part 1: Volume 1 No1 to Vol.3 no.7.          (Sept. 1932 - Aug. 1934).
Part 2: Volume 3 no. 8. To Vol. 7. No.6.    (Sept. 1934 - Dec. 1938).
Service Bulletins available at £12.00 each (UK), £15.35 (Europe), £20.20 (Rest of World) - price includes postage.

Note:  Model Y owners need Parts 1 & 2.
Model C/CX owners need Part 2 only.

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